University Project: Music Festival

University Project: Music Festival




Web design
Artist lineup poster
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University assignment

After many years of struggling with small club venues and low-budget one day festivals a local nonprofit group of concert organizers has finally landed funds to arrange a full twoday music festival in Jönköping. The festival will be held at Elmiafältet at the shores of Vättern at the 10-11th of August 2018 and feature both Swedish and international artists. The organizers has now turned to you to get help with the branding and marketing of the new festival.

About the festival

This is a time for music lovers to gather around their favorite artists and get lost in the pulsing sensation that is the loud symphony of sounds. It’s time to let go of all inhibition and succumb to the music. Stretch your arms, free your mind and become one with the people around you. Let’s float.

Lost in the lake is a music festival focusing on genres that capture a certain depth. Initially meant for psychedelic music, we felt that many artists outside of this definition doubtlessly contribute to that same, almost hypnotic atmosphere. That’s why you’ll be hearing varying electronic music, as well as indie and some hip hop. In the end we aspire to abandon definitions such as genres, and allow you to experience pure music.



Graphical elements

Artist lineup

Commercial video

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